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Ahead of the conference, armed police were instructed to secure the venue Reuters

A political reporter has allegedly been spat on, and an attendant has been allegedly been egged by protesters outside the Conservative Party conference in Manchester. Almost 100,000 colourful and angry demonstrators holding signs against cuts and slogans such as "Climate not Trident" gathered in front of the conference venue.

On 4 October, newly-elected Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn called on those opposing Tory policies to stick to the political issues. But the demonstration included a large number of pig masks and outfits, referring to allegations that the Conservative Party's leader and Prime Minister David Cameron put his penis in a dead pig's mouth when he was at university.

The negative attitude towards the national press was expressed by one protester who allegedly spat in the face of Huffington Post reporter Owen Bennett. A few minutes later he was escorted into a nearby hotel by police officers, along with Telegraph journalist Kate McCann, who photographed the incident. The alleged spitter was arrested.

Later, an attendee of the conference who apparently waved a picture of Margaret Thatcher at protesters, had an egg thrown in his face. The attendee was holding up a copy of right-wing newspaper the Daily Telegraph before he got egged. Protesters shouted "Tory Scum, Tory Scum", which was also previously directed at reporters covering the event before the egg was thrown.

The Independent reported that attendees of the Conference were advised to keep a low profile in Manchester today, and avoid contact with the marchers. Jeremy Hunt was followed by protesters as soon as he stepped outside, according to eyewitnesses. The Tory health secretary was taken away by the police.

Manchester police said that two protesters have been arrested, and the entire town centre was blocked by the tens of thousands of angry protesters.

Conservative Party Conference
Tory party conference goer was egged by a protester Youtube Screenshot