Intense gunfire and explosions rocked the Kabul military outpost in the early hours of Monday, 29 January resulting in the death of 11 soldiers. The coordinated attack has come amid a spate of deadly terror attacks in the Afghan capital, raising grave security concerns.

Five militants mounted an attack on the army base, located close to the Marshal Fahim National Defence University which lasted for nearly an hour. Earlier it was reported that the academy itself had come under attack but it was later clarified the military base was the target. Smaller blasts and gunfire were frequently heard during the attack.

While four assailants, all of them suicide bombers, were killed in the gunfight, one of them was arrested by security forces. At least 16 troops were wounded in the attack. "Two attackers were detonated his explosive close to the academy and two others were killed by the security forces while the fifth one arrested," said Dawlat Waziri, a spokesman for the defence ministry.

The Islamic State (Isis) has claimed responsibility for the onslaught via its jihadists channels though it is yet to be independently confirmed. Both the Islamic State (Isis) and the Afghan Taliban have launched attacks against security forces recently.

An Afghan security source told the AFP news agency that the attackers were prevented from entering the academy and were killed. Security forces have cordoned off the entire area and stopped vehicular movement.

"The Afghan National Army is the country's defence force and makes sacrifices for the security and well-being of the people," added defence ministry.

The latest attack takes place just as Kabul is mourning victims of a suicide bombing in which the attacker used an ambulance in a crowded area on Saturday (27 January). At least 100 people were killed in that attack claimed by Taliban insurgents.

Afghanistan Kabul military academy attack
Afghan security forces stand near the Marshal Fahim military academy after a series of explosions in Kabul, Afghanistan Mohammad Ismail/Reuters