Dozens of climate change activists gathered outside of the headquarters of BNP Paribas in Paris on 3 December to protest against "dirty" climate dealings and tax evasion. The rally, organised by anti-globalisation group Attac, coincided with the UN Climate Change Conference taking place just north of Paris in Le Bourget, which started on 30 November.

The protesters say BNP Paribas use tax havens, and have double standards when it comes to climate change. Attac spokesman Maxime Combes said: "What we're trying to say to the bank is to stop this tax evasion, and what we're asking them is to fully engage in the fight against climate change. From their point of view, there are two things they can do. One is to stop this tax evasion and make sure that this money comes back to the state and the second is that they stop financing dirty projects across the globe and stop financing, for example, carbon plants."

Activists could be seen with signs reading "money for the climate in in the tax havens", "bank closed due to tax evasion" and "stop activity in the Cayman Islands". Many targeted the Cayman Islands as a prime example of a tax haven used by the bank, with some holding up inflatable palm trees. The UN climate change conference is taking place until 11 December. More than 140 world leaders have gathered in the French capital for talks on the issue, with countries hoping to come to an agreement that will limit global warming to a maximum of 2C.