If you're sitting in an office, stressing out about the amount of work you've still got to do, you might need to take a moment, breathe and get your head together before you can go back into everything again. They say counting sheep sends you to sleep, maybe watching them get herded can just calm you down.

The video was taken in Hawke's Bay in New Zealand by Photographer Tim Whittaker, who used a drone to get the footage and told the Sydney Morning Herald that he's the only drone operator in Hawke's Bay certified by the Civil Aviation Authority.

"The original brief was to get stills but I just thought [the sheep make] crazy patterns from the sky, so I may as well just run some video while we're doing it." The birds-eye-view footage of sheep being herded through pens has been described as 'stunning' and 'mesmerising' by viewers.

According to The Weather Channel, there are 4.5m people in New Zealand but 29.6m sheep.