crocodile matt wright
The crocodile is thought to be the second largest ever caught in Australia Matthew Wright/Facebook

Matt Wright, the Australian TV personality and Outback wrangler, is thought to have caught the second largest crocodile ever to be captured in the country. The huge creature measured 5.58m (18.3ft) long and weighs over 890kg (140st), although this still has to be verified.

It is thought that the massive beast was captured towards the end of 2015 in the Northern Territories. The territories' own Cassius, a 5.48m male saltwater crocodile is recognised as the largest crocodile in captivity by the Guinness World Records − although he lost the title between 2012-2013 to Lolong, a 6.17m saltwater crocodile captured in the Philippines. Cassius is named after Cassius Clay, the birth name of boxer Mohammed Ali.

The reptile's 5.58m length also makes the captured crocodile larger than the Northern Territories' other famed crocodile, Brutus, who grabbed headlines in 2014 when he was photographed dining on a bull shark. A nearby giant, Dominator, is thought to be around 6.1m long, although he has never been officially measured.

And up he goes! This is the biggest croc I've ever caught & and the 2nd biggest in Australia - measuring in at 18.3 foot and 890kg

Wright is a noted helicopter pilot and animal expert, he is the star of Outback Wrangler − a National Geographic show that profiles Wright's work with crocodiles in the Australian outback.

The largest crocodile ever caught in the world was an astounding 7.01m (23ft) male saltwater crocodile in India that weighed in at 2,000kg (315st).