39-year-old Steph Harper believes that the home she lives in with her husband and children has a paranormal presence. Steph and Colin Harper moved to their home in Flint, North Wales in 2008. Steph recalls multiple unexplained events that her family has witnessed. The couple, who consider themselves amateur paranormal investigators, want to communicate with the spirits on Halloween when they are believed to be most active.

Steph recalls the first incident of paranormal activity that occurred after the family moved into their home in 2008. One night, when Steph was alone in the house with her eldest son Harvey, now 14, she heard loud banging from his room. Upon rushing upstairs to check on Harvey, she found him asleep but his bed had been pulled two feet away from the wall.

Another incident forced the family to leave the house and spend the night at Steph's mother's house. Sometime between Christmas and New Year 2009, the family heard banging sounds which kept getting louder and closer. They could not identify the source so they left the home for the night. The next day, Colin tried to emulate the sound by banging on parts of the house. The family realised that the sound was coming from the banister atop the stairs where nobody had been present the previous night.

Steph also recalls one-day seeing specters of soldiers from her kitchen window. The men were dressed in uniforms that looked centuries old. They wore metal helmets and carried unsheathed swords.

Unexplained incidents have become so frequent that the couple finds each incident hard to recall. The usual signs of hauntings they experience also involves unexplained noises and smells. The family reportedly sometimes smells rotten or burning flesh. Things also move or are thrown around the house.

The family often finds things missing, which may turn up unexpectedly. Steph gave the example of Colin's phone, which went missing on one occasion. The phone was untraceable. After six months, when Steph picked up a T-shirt thrown on the floor, the phone emerged from under it.

A medium who visited the family home confirmed that there was an unearthly presence living on the property. However, the couple was unable to trace any reason why the house, which was built in the 50s or 60s, could be haunted.

The Mirror shared a video that the couple took of an orb which they recorded in their living room. Colin noticed the orb and recorded it. Later, the couple examined the video and found that the orb resembled a face. On a separate occasion, Colin filmed another orb whizzing past the face of a family friend.

Armed with a paranormal investigation kit, Steph and Colin want to communicate with the spirits in their home on Halloween. Though the family has learned how to co-exist with the entities, they want to find out more about the disembodied residents of their home.

Haunted House
The seance room of the Haunted House J Lawrence/Flickr