Manchester United legend Paul Ince is not impressed with Cristiano Ronaldo's attitude as of late, saying that the Portuguese star's "sulking" is not setting a good example for the club's younger players.

Ronaldo has often been seen showing his frustration whenever things do not go his way on the pitch. The latest incident took place when the Red Devils only managed a 1-1 draw with Burnley in the Premier League. Ronaldo completely ignored the supporters in the stands at the end of the match and was seen stomping his way straight into the tunnel.

According to The Sun, the number 7 had also been criticising some of the club's younger players for not listening to his advice. "People were saying he would be great for the club, the players and the youngsters. We thought that would be the case but the example he is setting, by throwing his toys out of the pram, is a bad one," said Ince, comparing Ronaldo to a child having a tantrum.

"Why would you listen to someone who is prepared to act the way he is? As we've seen on numerous occasions - running down the tunnel, not clapping fans, sulking - it's not a good example to set," he added, before saying that he understands the frustration that come out after a bad game. However, Ince feels that these feelings need to be released behind closed doors and not in plain sight.

Ronaldo returned to Manchester United last summer, in what was seen as a fairytale homecoming. He had an impressive start to the season, scoring 14 goals until the new year came along. However, he has been suffering a dip in form as of late, with a six-game streak without a goal.

He is understandably frustrated after missing good chances in open play and also missing a shot from the spot against Middlesbrough in an FA Cup clash. "He was flying when he started but then he stopped getting the service, started dropping deeper to where he wasn't a danger to anybody, and then the frustration came," reckoned Ince.

He then went on to call the five-time Ballon d'Or winner "selfish."

"It should be about Manchester United and the team but it's become all about Ronaldo, and now we are seeing the full frustration."

With Manchester United in danger of losing out on the Champions League spots for next season, it remains to be seen if Ronaldo will stay at Old Trafford much longer.

Cristiano Ronaldo
801 not out: Cristiano Ronaldo took his career tally for club and country to 801 with a double against Arsenal AFP / Oli SCARFF