Dave Brailsford
Brailsford denied untrue 'assumptions and assertions' Getty Images

Graham McWilliam says Team Sky are "100% behind" under-fire leader Sir Dave Brailsford and are confident of many more successful years under the general manager's guidance.

Brailsford and Sky have come under scrutiny in recent months and the furore surrounding them intensified when UK Anti-Doping released an update about its investigation into the team's lost medical records and orders of corticosteroid triamcinolone, which helps riders shed weight without losing their power.

Team Sky published a letter and document on Tuesday (6 March) admitting "mistakes were made", but Brailsford, who was appointed general manager for Team Sky in 2010, stressed that "there is a fundamental difference between process failures and wrongdoing".

Chairman McWilliam took to social media to say that he was glad his team was standing up to "inaccurate commentary" and saw fit to publicly back Brailsford, who also voiced his disdain about what he perceives as "unreasonable and incorrect" comments.

"Good to see Team Sky challenging some of the inaccurate commentary of recent days," McWilliam said on Twitter. "For record, TS [Team Sky] Board & Sky are 100% behind team and Sir Dave Brailsford as its leader. We look forward to many more years of success."

In the letter to members of parliament, Brailsford admitted that some failings of members of his team had led to the sorry mess in which they have found themselves, but insisted innuendoes about the way his team operated are completely unfounded.

"Some members of staff did not comply fully with the policies and procedures that existed at that time," Brailsford said. "Regrettably, those mistakes mean that we have not been able to provide the complete set of records that we should have around the specific race relevant to Ukad's investigation. We accept full responsibility for this.

"However, many of the subsequent assumptions and assertions about the way Team Sky operates have been inaccurate or extended to implications that are simply untrue."