Gordon Ramsay and David Beckham
David Beckham ( R) has pulled out of a restaurant venture with the TV chef (L) Reuters

They may be best of friends but it looks like David Beckham isn't too keen about going into business with Gordon Ramsay.

Goldenballs has reportedly pulled out of a London restaurant venture with the foul-mouthed TV chef - leaving Ramsay to go it alone.

"They may be best friends, but they are also very astute businessmen and both wanted different things," a source close to both parties told the Daily Mirror.

"Becks was ready to make an investment and had visited the site.

"But they both talked long and hard and have decided not to work together on this occasion."

In February, Ramsay expressed his excitement about opening Union Street Café - a Mediterranean-themed restaurant - with the former England captain.

"It's great that David wants to come on board and be partner," he said of the joint project in Southwark, South East London

"There's something exciting in the pipeline. Something south of the river - very cool, very hip."

Beckham echoed his sentiments saying: "We've got something in the pipeline. Owning a restaurant will be fun."

But just weeks before the restaurant's grand opening later this month the duo have ended their business relationship.

"It would have been great to have both on board but I am sure there will be opportunities in the future to work together," the insider added.

Ramsay said the amount of interest in the restaurant - which is scheduled to open on 16 September - had been "amazing".

"In London right now we're spoilt with the range and sheer number of phenomenal restaurants available, so it's amazing to see the response today when bookings opened," he said.

"We can't wait to get the doors open and start welcoming guests."

Ramsay is just getting back on his feet after facing financial ruin. Back in 2008, his firm Gordon Ramsay Holdings Ltd racked up pre-tax losses as high as £8.32m and he was forced to write off a string of restaurants in California, Florida and New York in 2009, costing nearly £6m.

The Union Street Café will be his first new venture without his former business partner, Chris Hutchenson, father of his wife Tana, who he sacked from his role as chief executive in 2009.