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Butler made the comments about Cameron on Twitter during Prime Minister's Questions Getty

A Labour MP has accused David Cameron of 'sh***ing all over the working class' during Prime Minister's Questions. Brent MP Dawn Butler made the startling accusation on social media site Twitter during the weekly House of Commons bout. "Cameron looks like a kid doing a poo a friend said. Yes it does feel like he's sh***ing all over the working class doesn't it," the former minister wrote.

The shocking comment came as Jeremy Corbyn and Cameron debated across the dispatch boxes. The Labour leader failed to press the prime minister on the junior doctors' strike, instead the left-winger challenged Cameron over his housing record.

"Research by Shelter found that families on his so called 'Living Wage' will be unable to afford the average home in 98% of local authority areas in England. So there are only 2% who may benefit from this.

"Instead of building more affordable homes, isn't the prime minister branding more homes as 'affordable', which is not a solution to the housing crisis.Will he confirm that home ownership has actually fallen since he's became a prime minister?"

Dawn Butler's tweet
Dawn Butler's tweet Twitter/Dawn Butler

Cameron replied: "There is a challenge of helping people to buy their own homes. That's what Help to Buy was about, which they opposed. That's what Help to Save is about, which they opposed. It isn't interesting – he didn't answer the question about 1.3 million housing association tenants.

"I want what is best for everybody. Let's put it like this: He owns his home, I own my home, why won't we let those 1.3 million own their homes? Why not, what are you frightened of?"

He added: "That's the facts of politics today. A party on this side of the House that wants to give people life chances and a Labour opposition that says stay stuck in poverty."

Butler, who nominated Corbyn for the Labour leadership but supported Andy Burnham, was one of the MPs caught up in the 2009 expenses scandal. The 46-year-old claimed for a "Jacuzzi-style bath" and claimed £2,600 too much for rent, according to The Daily Telegraph.