UK Prime Minister David Cameron has said that the UK Independence Party won't be able to change a thing in Europe, even if they succeed in May's European Elections.

Speaking in Manchester Cameron said of the rival parties, "Labour and the Liberal Democrats won't give you a say on Europe. UKIP can't change a thing in Europe.

"When it comes to standing up for Britain in Europe, is there anyone you would trust less than a group of UKIP MEPs? They talk the talk in Britain - but as soon as they're on that plane toBrussels they change completely. When they do actually bother to vote, they don't stand up for Britain. Indeed their own leader has said, and I quote 'They cannot change a thing in Brussels."

Recent polls suggest Ukip are well placed to triumph in next month's European elections, pushing the Conservatives in to third, behind Labour. Cameron said that voters should not subscribe to the other parties 'extremist' views on Europe, and instead go for whatever is best for Britain.

"Now we are just six weeks away from those vital European elections. And going into this campaign we have a clear and distinctive message: If you want real change in Europe, you have got to vote Conservative. Looking at the other parties, there are effectively two extremist camps. One says 'We love the European Union'. The other says 'We hate the European Union'. One says 'We want things to stay exactly the same'. The other says 'Let us just walk away from the EU'. But in all this, in all this, there are three words they are missing. Three words that sum up everything we should be about in Europe: Britain's national interest," he said.