David Hockney Sun logo
Hockney has redesigned The Sun's masthead for a "special one-off edition" twitter.com/TheSun

David Hockney's latest project is unlike any of his previous work. The British artist has redesigned the masthead of The Sun newspaper for a special edition published on 3 February.

The collaboration between the tabloid newspaper and the 80-year-old artist known for his colourful British landscapes may seem slightly unusual. But his 'childlike' design speaks volumes about his opinion of the paper.

On social media Hockney has been praised for masterfully trolling The Sun with users describing the logo as an "MS Paint drawing."

One Twitter user wrote: "David Hockney has done a great job of making the Sun logo look as grown up and classy as its content."

Another person commented: "Hockney has taken the proper piss out of The Sun, there. Took him literally seconds to make that."

Others failed to see the joke, with one Twitter user commenting: "Disappointed and sad to see that David Hockney has fallen on hard times, and reduced to working for The Sun.

Hockney said that he was "delighted" to be asked to create a new logo. He immediately knew what it should look like: "Once I thought about the idea it didn't take me long. The sun and The Sun. I love it."