The victim was found tied to the shotgun (file photo) K.G.23

A man is believed to have shot himself in the head while his penis was tied to the trigger of a shotgun at his home in Murcia, Spain. The Spanish National Police has opened an investigation after the 30-year-old was found decomposed on Sunday 13 August by flatmates who had been on holiday.

The couple returned to the shared apartment in Calle Carmen Conde, in the Infante Juan Manuel neighbourhood, at around 10am and immediately noticed a strong smell throughout the house, according to Spanish site La Opinion de Murcia.

They believed it was coming from their friend's room but could not gain access as the door was locked.

They called the emergency services and were soon joined by members of the local and national police, as well as the fire brigade.

They knocked down the door to discover the deceased, who has not been publicly named.

He was lying naked on his bed with his a head back and a shotgun between his legs.

Upon inspection the authorities saw that the trigger of the gun was tied to his penis. Local reports do not state what material was used.

Police think he may have lay dead for as long as seven days before being discovered by his holidaying friends.

The National Police have opened an investigation into the matter and sent proceedings to a court in Murcia, where the incident took place. Murcia is in south-eastern Spain and has a population of just over 440,000.

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