The death of Anita Raj Singh in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India, led to the death of the family's companion animal. When Anita's body was brought home from the hospital, her dog Jaya could not bear the grief of losing her owner. The dog took her own life by jumping from the building the family lives in. The grieving family buried Jaya the same day as they cremated Anita.

The residents of Malikpuram in Barra -2, Kanpur were shocked at the loyalty displayed by the family's pet. Anita, the joint director in the local health department, had been suffering from a kidney ailment. The doctor had been admitted to a hospital in the city. Even after receiving treatment for her ailment Anita was unable to recover. She passed away on Wednesday, July 1.

Anita's body was released from the hospital the same day. The family brought the woman's body home to perform the last rights. As soon as her body was brought home, Jaya started barking and crying. Grieving, Jaya ran upstairs to the fourth floor and jumped off the building.

Shocked at the dog's response to Anita's death, the family rushed it to the veterinarian's clinic. The veterinarian declared the dog dead on arrival. The family was informed that the dog's backbone had been fractured, leading to its death.

Speaking to The Times of India, Anita's son Tejas Singh revealed that during his mother's stay at the hospital, Jaya had started eating frugally. In the absence of the owner, Jaya was evidently distressed.

Tejas recalled how Jaya became a member of the family.

Anita had been passing by Ursula Horsman hospital when she noticed an emaciated puppy. The lonely puppy was infested with maggots and was in a pitiful condition. Anita found out that the mother of the puppy had abandoned it. To save the puppy's life, she took it back home. After providing intensive care to the sick pup, Anita was able to make it healthy. For 12 years, the dog had been a beloved member of the family.

Mourning both the deaths, the family cremated Anita while Jaya was buried close to the family's home.

Loyal dog refuses to leave owner's grave
Dog jumped to death after owner's demise. (representational image) YouTube

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