It's not a new lesson. Speeding down a road distracted can lead to accidents - luckily this one only hurt one embarassed cyclist.

CCTV footage from Coventry shows the moment one cyclist likely wishes he'd paid better attention to the road. Distracted by his phone while riding down a lane, the cyclist comes up against a solid obstacle: a fence.

Had he been keeping an eye out, he may not have ended up starring in a viral video. Posted by user Daz Rollins, the footage has been viewed almost 10,000 times.

"That's a bad day," Rollins can be heard saying on the video, "dentist for you," he adds. "He's not a racer no more."

Users on Facebook enjoyed revelling in the rider's misfortune with many saying how funny the video was. "I think i enjoyed this way to much bro," one user wrote, while another joked, "home time for you sunshine".

"Looks like he had a wheelie good time," user Chris Herbert added tongue-in-cheek.

Moral? A little attention won't hurt.