A large street mural painted on a derelict Detroit car factory by elusive British artist Banksy was auctioned in Beverly Hills on 30 September.

The 7ft x 7ft mural called I Remember When All This Was Trees, which was painted by Banksy on the wall of the crumbling Packard factory in Detroit in 2010, was sold for $137,500 (£90,722) along with a second large mural the graffiti artist created in Bethlehem.

Banksy, the pseudonym of a graffiti artist who first emerged in Bristol, England, hides his identity and real name. His often subversive, satirical works have become highly sought-after by collectors, even though their removal from their original sites has grown controversial.

The Detroit mural is owned by the city's small non-profit 555 Gallery and is being sold to raise funds for community arts programmes. It depicts a young boy wearing a hoodie with a red paint can and a brush and bears rare finger prints in red paint that are believed to have been left by Banksy.