Just days after her difficult interview on LBC Radio, Diane Abbott has got another set of numbers mixed up.

In an interview with ITV as local election results were pouring in from across the country, she was asked about the net loss that Labour had suffered during the day so far.

Interviewer: "Do you know the number of net losses so far for Labour?"

Diane Abbott: "At the time of us doing this interview, I think the net losses are about 50."

Interviewer: "They're actually about 125 net losses so far."

Diane Abbott: "Well the last time I looked, we had net losses of 100, but obviously this is a moving picture."

The sudden change of numbers was the second time this week that Abbott caused a stir with her maths.

Speaking on LBC on Tuesday (2 May), she was caught out by Nick Ferrari after figures she claimed meant that new police recruits would be paid only "£8,000 [$10,365] a year".

Labour said it would fund 10,000 additional community police officers across 43 forces in England and Wales by reversing Conservative plans for cuts to capital gains tax.

Abbott listed a range of numbers, from £300,000 to £80m, as she explained how much the new scheme would cost the taxpayer.

In local elections, Labour has had a day that was described by former MP Stephen Kinnock as "disastrous."

Across the country, the party lost control of councils as well as hundreds of councillors.