Mobile communication has played a big role in many a love affair that ended up in marriage. And now, the technology has a key role in ending marriages too.

The Imam of a mosque in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh has declared that an SMS sent by a man declaring divorce from his wife can be taken into consideration for ending their marriage, the PTI news agency has reported.

According to the cleric who oversees a mosque in the Muradnagar district of the state, the marriage between the couple Shahid and Parveen has been declared void as Parveen received a text with 'talaq' (divorce) typed three times from Shahid, the report has noted.

According to Islamic conventions, 'talaq' has to be declared three times if the divorce process has to be considered valid.

Shahid and Praveen got married three months ago but differences started cropping up between them very soon, the report has added. Parveen returned to her parents' house. Shahid tried to take her back home but had failed, after which he sent the divorce message, Parveen's uncle Sajid has told the agency.