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A name might mean more than you first thought iStock/Christopher Futcher

Your name is often the first thing people find out about you, the very first impression they have - so people have a lot of opinions about what to name children. What does a name say about someone?

Stationary website School Stickers thinks they might have one answer - their research has come up with two lists: the top names of naughty children and the top names of the best behaved kids.

The humourous list was compiled when the company looked through records of 59,000 students along with 1.1 million ordered rewards, The Sun reported.

The naughtiest girls' names, according to the very scientific study, were Laura and Eleanor, while Adam and Joseph topped the list of naughty boys' names.

On the other hand, the most well-behaved children's names were Chloe and Emily for girls, and Jack and Daniel for boys.

There are some surprises - for example, though Laura is the name of the naughtiest girls, Lauren is the ninth best behaved name; and while Ben is number five on the boys' naughty list, Benjamin comes in at ten on the best behaved list.

Not on the list was Ivanka, the name of US President Donald Trump's oldest daughter - but that didn't stop Saudi Arabia banning a father from giving his own daughter the name.

See the full lists below:

Names of the naughtiest girls

  1. Laura
  2. Eleanor
  3. Daisy
  4. Anna
  5. Ruby
  6. Isabelle
  7. Elizabeth
  8. Alice
  9. Georgia
  10. Jasmine

Names of the naughtiest boys

  1. Adam
  2. Joseph
  3. Charlie
  4. Callum
  5. Ben
  6. Jacob
  7. Matthew
  8. Ryan
  9. Ethan
  10. Oliver

Names of the best behaved girls

  1. Chloe
  2. Emily
  3. Sophie
  4. Jessica
  5. Megan
  6. Lucy
  7. Hannah
  8. Amy
  9. Lauren
  10. Katie

Names of the best behaved boys

  1. Jack
  2. Daniel
  3. Joshua
  4. Harry
  5. James
  6. Thomas
  7. Samuel
  8. Luke
  9. William
  10. Benjamin