President-elect Donald Trump has suggested that he would be open to amending Obamacare rather than scrapping it as he has previously promised.

Trump has consistently said he would get rid of the Affordable Care Act if elected president, and has not seemed inclined towards amending the act, as suggested by his Democrat rival Hillary Clinton.

"Either Obamacare will be amended, or repealed and replaced," Trump said in his first interview since winning the election, with The Wall Street journal.

However, in an interview with CBS' 60 Minutes, which is set to air on 13 November, Trump seemed more inclined towards his previous promise to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

"We're going to do it simultaneously. It'll be just fine. That's what I do. I do a good job. You know, I mean, I know how to do this stuff," he said in the interview, seen by The Hill.

"We're going to repeal it and replace it. And we're not going to have, like, a two-day period and we're not going to have a two-year period where there's nothing. It will be repealed and replaced. I mean, you'll know. And it'll be great health care for much less money."

The Republican has not gone into specific detail about what a replacement of Obamacare would look like, but consistently maintained throughout his election campaign that he was in favour of scrapping the healthcare act.

During the final presidential debate, Trump reiterated his commitment to scrapping Obamacare, stating: "I am cutting taxes, we are going to grow the economy and one thing we have to do is repeal and replace the disaster known as Obamacare," when responding to a question on whether he would spend money on a deal that included benefit cuts and tax increases to save Medicare and social security.

However, he has suggested he is likely to maintain the rules that allow people aged 26 and under to be on their parent's health insurance plan, as well as protection for those people who have pre-existing conditions.