Donald Trump is said to be considering a "huge reboot" of the White House staff. In the firing line, are chief strategist Steve Bannon, chief of staff, Reince Priebus, communications director Michael Dubke and press secretary Sean Spicer.

Axios reported that the president is irritated with several cabinet members with a source telling the news outlet: "He's frustrated and angry at everyone".

Rumours of a White House shakeup have increased in the aftermath of FBI Director James Comey's firing which has thrown the White House into crisis.

Trump blames his communications team for not doing an adequate job in the chaos following Comey's firing, the New York Times reported.

"Trump is putting a lot on the backs of his spokespeople, while simultaneously cutting their legs from underneath them," Alex Conant, a Republican strategist and former adviser to Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) said.

"The most hazardous duty in Washington these days is that of a Trump surrogate because the president constantly undercuts the statements of his own people," David Axelrod, a communications and messaging adviser to Barack Obama, told the Times. "You wind up looking like a liar or a fool, neither of which is particularly attractive."

According to Axios, Trump's confidants are telling him that his top aides do not know how to work with him, pointing to his plummeting approval ratings and many leaks. "The advice he's getting is to go big—that he has nothing to lose," the source said. "The question now is how big and how bold. I'm not sure he knows the answer to that yet."

Trump's friends reportedly believe that if he goes through with a major White House shakeup, the public would get the message: "I get it. I'm moving on. I get that I can do a better job." A top aide added: "He's never going to say he did a bad job."

If the president does follow through with a shakeup, it could leave him with just a small number of family members with little governing experience: his daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared.

Axios reported that internally, there is a push to reduce leaks by removing people from the information flow instead of sacking them.

The president also has complaints about his Cabinet members whom he thinks are either giving themselves too much credit or not praising him enough.

Among those apparently in the cross-hairs are Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and Health and Human Secretary Tom Price. One cabinet member is, however, reported to be on Trump's good side: Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. In a recent Meet the Press interview, Tillerson defended Trump.

No cabinet member is expected to leave anytime soon, but a shakeup of White House staff is apparently very likely, Axios reported.

Donald Trump
27 March 2017: US President Donald Trump participates in a roundtable with women small business owners at the White House in Washington, DC Jim Watson/AFP