Donald Trump's campaign team is selling the infamous red MAGA cap in a special Christmas edition, embroidered with Yuletide lights at the front and "Merry Christmas" stitched at the back. The caps are for sale at $45, reports The Hill.

The pricey hat is advertised on the Donald J. Trump shop website, and branded as "Proudly made in America."

While running for the White House he used the 'war on Christmas' argument to gain support among Christian voters, asserting that "political correctness" was muzzling their religious beliefs.

Since his inauguration, Trump repeatedly said: "We're saying Christmas again."

At a Values Voters Summit in Washington DC. on 13 October 2017, he repeated that now that he was president people could say "Merry Christmas." And he announced his controversial tax plan was a "Christmas gift".

The tax overhaul announced by Trump has been controversial since September.

When announcing the plan to his supporters in Indiana, Trump said: "This is a revolutionary change, and the biggest winners will be the everyday American workers," adding that:" jobs start pouring into our country," "companies start competing for American labour" and "wages start going up at levels that you haven't seen in many years".

Many budget watchdogs have been wary of the long-term impact of the tax plan. On Monday 20 November, a nonpartisan tax analysis group said his plan would leave half of US citizens to face higher taxes by 2027. They also found that low earners would face smaller tax breaks than high-income earners.

May Democrat senators have exposed the plan has a way for the rich to get the biggest slice of the cake, leaving only crumbs for workers with humble incomes.

It's not the first time the US President revamped his campaign red hats.

In October, he got some heat from Twitter after his site rolled out orange Halloween-themed MAGA hats. Many couldn't resist drawing comparisons between the bright orange caps and the US president's skintone.