The president of the United States Donald Trump paid a visit to his brother Robert Trump at the New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Centre in Manhattan on Friday. The president's visit came after details of his visit were worked out by his office.

The US president Donald Trump confirmed his visit in a tweet. "Just landed in New York to see my brother, Robert. We're going for New York on November 3rd. We're going to Reduce Taxes, Increase Law Enforcement, and bring it back BIG TIME!" he wrote.

Trump was pictured wearing a mask during the visit.

Robert Trump, the younger brother of the US president, was admitted to a hospital in New York. The details of his condition is was not known but source described him to be "very ill".

Press secretary of the White House, Kayleigh McEnany on Friday confirmed the hospitalisation to ABC News. Later Trump addressed the situation. "I have a wonderful brother. We've had a great relationship for a long time, from day one," Trump told reporters. "And he's in the hospital right now, and hopefully he'll be alright, but he is pretty – he's having a bad time," he concluded.

Robert, 72, was a former top executive at the Trump Organization, and one of four other siblings to the president, including the late Fred Trump, Jr.

Earlier, in June, Robert was hospitalised in the intensive care unit at Mount Sinai hospital in New York for more than a week. The president's younger brother was in the news recently when he filed a lawsuit against his niece Mary Trump.

He did it on behalf of the Trump family seeking to stop publication of a bombshell book by Mary, titled "Too Much and Never Enough". The Trump family claimed Mary's book was a violation of a nondisclosure agreement she signed in connection to a financial settlement she received from the family years prior.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump has raised the prospect of using an executive order to push through new stimulus Photo: AFP / Olivier DOULIERY

Robert said at the time that he was "deeply disappointed" with his niece's decision to write such a book and that he and the "entire family" were "so proud of my wonderful brother, the president."