Harriet Tubman
Harriet Tubman will soon be on the face of the $20 bill Getty

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump scorned the decision to put slave Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill, saying that the move is "pure political correctness". Tubman, who later gained her freedom to become a powerful anti-slavery crusader, should instead be on another bill, suggested Trump.

Tubman will become the first woman on US paper currency and the first African-American to be on any US money. While Tubman was "fantastic," Trump said on NBC's Today show, she shouldn't force the seventh president of the US Andrew Jackson off the $20 bill.

"Well, Andrew Jackson had a great history, and I think it's very rough when you take somebody off the bill," Trump said. "I think Harriet Tubman is fantastic, but I would love to leave Andrew Jackson or see if we can maybe come up with another denomination."

Jackson's presence on the $20 bill has come under harsh criticism because of his history as a slave-owner and his dismal record on Native American and racial issues. Jackson's infamous "Trail of Tears" policy forcibly relocated the Cherokee people, resulting in 10,000 deaths.

But Trump defended him. Jackson had a "history of tremendous success for the country," Trump said. The $20 bill "represented somebody really that was very important to this country".

There was talk of replacing Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill. But the hit musical Hamilton helped protect his position on the currency.

Trump's rival John Kasich praised Tubman. "She wasn't some big shot. She became a big shot because of what she did," Kasich said. "She saw something that she thought did not represent justice, she saw something she thought that was just patently unfair."