Donald Trump
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a news conference before a public signing for his new book 'Crippled America: How to Make America Great Again,' at the Trump Tower Atrium on November 3, 2015 in New York City. According to a new poll, Ben Carson, the retired neurosurgeon, has pulled ahead of Trump with 29% of Republican primary voters. Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The highly anticipated and criticised episode of Saturday Night Live featuring special guest Donald Trump has just released a series of teasers. The bombastic Republican presidential candidate appears in several of the spots for a few seconds, but he made sure to take a jab at one of his fiercest contenders: retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson.

Trump appears in the promos for the 7 November episode along with SNL cast member Cecily Strong, who notes that FCC rules limit Trump to four seconds per teaser. In one of the teasers, Trump bashes his rival, calling him "a complete and total loser." The real estate mogul, who has experience in front of the cameras, also makes fun of himself.

Strong says that Trump has promised that he will not brag or say he is the best during the whole upcoming episode. A cheeky Trump replies: "That's right Cecily and I'm going to do the best job ever anyone's ever done. Not saying it!" When Strong notes that he has done it again, he responds, "What can I say? I'm the absolute best. What can I say?"

In another teaser, Strong is joined by fellow cast mate Sasheer Zamata to lament the lack of "real men" on set. Trump haughtily enters the scene, sporting aviators glasses and causing the women to pretend to faint. Later on in the video, Strong tries out her own Trump impression, saying the show will receive "yuuge" ratings.

Trump's appearance on the show has been met by swift and vocal opposition from Hispanic groups, The Wrap reported. Several Latino organisations have called for NBC to remove Trump as the episode's host due to his controversial comments against undocumented immigrants and Mexican immigrants in particular.

The National Hispanic Media Coalition and more than a dozen other Latino organisations gathered outside of the Saturday Night Live studio to protest Trump hosting the sketch show. The Wrap reported that petitions reportedly signed by 460,000 people were reportedly delivered to the network at the protest.

"Saturday Night Live is not a news programme, it is a cultural touchstone," the NHMC said in a statement. "Providing such a platform for somebody who so clearly holds false and disparaging opinions of so many segments of this country is a dangerous proposition that legitimises Trump's hateful views and rewards his hate speech."

Trump did not appear to comment on social media regarding the protest at the time of publishing. The GOP candidate is not the first presidential candidate to appear this election season, Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton previously appeared.