Donald Trump
Donald Trump ratchets up wife twitter feud with Ted Cruz. Getty Images

GOP War of the Wives Part Deux: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump threw a weird twist in his latest spousal showdown with rival Ted Cruz by insinuating with a repost of a supporter's tweet that his wife is better looking than Cruz's wife. That's probably not going to win Trump a whole lot of female votes.

The new tweet, featuring a not-so-flattering image of Heidi Cruz next to Melania Trump's photo merely states: "No need to 'spill the beans.' The images are worth a thousand words."

"Spill the beans," of course, refers to Trump's threat to spill mysterious beans about Heidi Cruz in an angry tweet Trump posted after he became incensed by an anti-Donald campaign ad. The ad featured g a nude Melania Trump stretched out on a fur in Trump's private jet in a 15-year-old GQ magazine spread , and chortling: "Meet the next First Lady."

Cruz denied having anything to do with the ad, which was run by the anti-Trump group Make American Awesome. The organisation says it's not supported by any candidate or candidate committee. Cruz pretended to take the high road with his own tweet, while managing to call Trump a "coward" and "classless."

For the latest Tweet response to the wife comparison, Cruz did seem to rise a bit above the fray, saying "real men don't attack women."

Even Mitt Romney has jumped on the attack-wives bandwagon. He pointed out at a Republican dinner that Trump has had two foreign-born spouses (Melania is from Slovenia), which he said proves that "there really are jobs Americans won't do." British GQ is loving the attention after reposting earlier in March the nude pictures of Melania on Trump's plane posing in handcuffs, with a gun and in diamonds. "We always knew American politics was weird, but we didn't realize it could get this weird," chuckled the mag.

One group of people not laughing are women, a group of voters, along with millennials and non-whites, who generally don't like Trump and could easily bring him down in a general election, according to several polls.