In a series of interviews with the New York Times, Donald Trump's personal doctor has revealed a number of medications taken by the current US President, including a drug to promote hair growth. Dr. Harold Bornstein told the paper that two other medications taken by the president are a statin for blood pressure and antibiotics to control a skin problem called rosacea.

The Times reported that the prostate-related drug taken by Trump is finasteride, branded as Propecia, is a treatment for male-pattern baldness. Bornstein told the paper that he took the drug himself for the same reasons: "He has all his hair ... I have all my hair," Bornstein said.

Donald Trump's hair has been a point of mockery for many of his detractors, from pointed jokes on late-night talk shows, to placards at anti-Trump marches. Bornstein also mentioned his new profile in the interview, saying that he enjoyed some attention but not "the fun made of me" by some media and passersby.

Bornstein previously made the news when he wrote a note in December 2015 proclaiming that Trump would be the "healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency", then saying months later that he had written the note in five minutes while a Trump campaign limo waited for it outside.

When asked about Trump's comment that he is a 'germaphobe' made in the wake of a series of unverified memos claiming he had ordered prostitutes to perform urination shows in a hotel in Moscow, Bornstein said that the subject had not come up but that Trump "always stands there and changes the paper on the table himself" after undergoing an examination.