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Internet sensation Donna Goudeau is alive and serving her sentence in prison Getty

An article claiming that Donna Goudeau, the woman who is popular for saying "P.O.P. Hold it down", "barely", and "I'm legally blind", was murdered by another inmate in prison, has turned out to be hoax.

The story was posted on Huzlers, a website well known for publishing fake stories with sensational headlines.

The bogus report read: "Inmate witnesses say Donna and the Victoria Hendricks began arguing before things heated and Hendricks pulled out a blade and stabbed Donna to death. Witnesses say they are not sure what the two were arguing about. Victoria Hendricks was already serving a 32-year prison sentence prior to the murder."

Twitter users were tricked by the false news and flooded the microblogging site with RIP posts and messages of condolence.

RIP Donna Goudeau ! HOLDIN IT DOOOWN pic.twitter.com/rDHj0UQpZL

— poobs (@mehdipoobs) December 10, 2014

DANNNNGG Donna Goudeau was murdered in prison ! #POPholdItDown 😔😪 im sad...she was funny ❗️❗️

— TheyAdoreDREA🤞🏽🔗 (@ILoveToBNaughty) December 10, 2014

YOOOO...Someone please tell me Donna "P.O.P Hol' It Down" Goudeau didn't get murdered in prison!? Tell me it's not true.

— Brittany Lewis (@Buttercup_B) December 10, 2014

Apparently she couldn't hold it down in prison. @mnmtwinz @IPC_Shadow http://t.co/HSNODg3P7r

— giggs (@1337Drew) December 11, 2014

Donna, who is well and in prison, became an internet sensation back in October, after a video of her arrest in 2011 went viral.

According to Beaumont Enterprise, the 28-year-old along with Keyron Elmore, 28 and Jeremy Jomard Goudeau, were arrested for the beating, robbing and stabbing of a 73-year-old Kansas man, identified as Juan Sustiata. Donna was sentenced to 18 years in prison and was scheduled to be released in 2029.

Huzlers has previously published fake reports claiming that Nasa has forecast a total blackout of earth for six days in December and American rapper and actor Tupac Shakur is alive.

A Facebook page, Free Donna Goudeau PIMP SQUAD BABY Holdin It Down 4 LIFE, has gained more than 20,000 likes.