Young people need drive as well as the right qualifications to land a job in today's labour market, according to Dragons' Den judge Piers Linney.

"You've got to have that table stakes of qualifications, but then it's about you – initiative, extra-curricular activity [and] what you add to that package. Because you are selling yourself to the labour market," the technology entrepreneur told IBTimes UK.

The co-chief executive of cloud computing firm Outsourcery has also launched a pilot for, a not-for-profit work experience website for 14-19 year old students.

The initiative, which will be run in association with two London schools and one college, enables employers to provide short work placements called 'insights' to young people.

Linney also claimed that the system will create a level playing field, removing the potential bias of details such as race, religion, gender and background.

"There is no selection criteria. In my experience, and in lots of peoples' experience, there are huge barriers in getting into professions – due to your background or human bias – [we] take than out of the equation," Linney explained.