CCTV Ceuta
The security official broke his leg after he kicked a migrant who stormed a post on the Moroccan-Spanish border Twitter/HelenaMalenaGarzon

CCTV footage has captured the dramatic moment a security official broke his leg as he tried to stop hundreds of migrants storming a post on the Spanish-Moroccan border.

The video shows the guard kicking one of the migrants as he runs through the gate. But the migrant manages to escape and the guard falls to the ground. He is shown scrambling to his feet and clutching his leg, which is badly twisted and visibly broken.

Some 200 migrants from sub-Saharan Africa rushed across the Tarajal border in Ceuta, a Spanish autonomous city on the north coast of Africa, on the night of Sunday 6 August.

The Spanish Red Cross said a total of 186 people crossed the border that night, according to the Associated Press. The Guardia Civil said the surge took both Moroccan and Spanish officials stationed at the post by complete surprise and that authorities were unable to prevent the migrants from crossing.

Four migrants were injured in the crossing and were taken to the local Temporary Immigrant Shelter Center (CETI), where they are receiving treatment. The guard, who suffered a femur fracture, was taken to hospital.

A Spanish government delegate in Ceuta, Nicolás Fernández Curucull, blamed the injuries on the "violent attitude" of migrants who "have overwhelmed the agents". The latest crossing came just one week after Moroccan and Spanish authorities managed to stop a group of around 300 migrants from entering Spain.

In December, around 400 migrants rushed across the border and forced their way into Ceuta, in what authorities described as the biggest group to storm the city in a decade.

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A policeman looks at an African migrant's injuries sustained while crossing the border fence from Morocco to Ceuta on 1 August 2017 Jesus Moron/Reuters