A dramatic video has emerged capturing the final seconds of the Taiwanese aircraft which plunged into a Taipei river, with dozens of passengers on board.

The footage was recorded on the dashcam (dashboard camera) of a vehicle travelling on the highway and shows the plane losing control and crash-landing in the Keelung River in the Taiwanese capital.

The cause of the crash has not yet been ascertained and rescue efforts are still underway. Twenty-five passengers are feared dead and at least 10 others have been injured.

Television images of the crash showed the debris of the plane floating in the river, with a few of the passengers trapped inside.

The aircraft, operated by TransAsia Airways, was flying from Taipei Songshan Airport to the Kinmen Airport in the offshore island, just off the coast of southeastern China.

Local reports suggest there were 53 passengers and five crew members. Emergency measures are underway.

Another TransAsia Airways flight, again an ATR-72 turboprop aircraft, had crashed due to bad weather in July 2014, killing 48 people.