After a long, hard week in the office, we all need to let our hair down with a few drinks. But most of us don't end up sleeping on the street.

Unfortunately in Japan, a nation known for having a low tolerance of alcohol, thousands of people end up becoming so inebriated that they fall asleep on the streets of Tokyo.

To combat this, a Japanese bar chain has taken matters into its own hands, while gaining some publicity to boot.

The Yaocho Bar Group has launched a campaign to highlight the problems and outcomes of excessive drinking.

Every night, a team of people from the company place printed slogans, duct tape and logos around a sleeping drunk, turning them into a living human billboard.

The Japanese public are encouraged to take photos of any living billboards they find and share them on social media using the hashtag #nomisugi, which means "too drunk".

"As honour is paramount in Japanese minds, we decided to shame people into behaving," says Yaocho Bar Group in the video.