A South Carolina man who cut a woman's arm with a knife and forced her to eat food off the floorboard of a car has now been arrested, the Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office said.

According to initial reports, the deputies had responded to a crash on Southern Avenue on Thursday (23 November) that involved a man, a woman, and two children. But, they soon learned that a domestic violence incident had also occurred before the accident.

According to the victim's statement, she had picked up 27-year-old Jesus Emmanuel Resendis from a friend's house on Thanksgiving.

She said that the argument between them started when Resendis wanted to drive, but the victim did not allow him as he had been drinking.

When the accused got into the car, he told her that she had embarrassed him in front of his friends and continued to yell at her while she was driving. He then cut her arm with a knife, WSPA website reported.

According to reports, when the victim dropped some of her leftover Thanksgiving food on the car floor, Resendis told her to stop the car. He then told her to eat the food off of the car-floor or he would cut her throat.

After she got out of the car and ate the food, Resendis got into the driver's seat and told the victim to get in the car, the report says.

It was when Resendis was going around the curve at Southern Avenue and New Street, that he lost control of the car and crashed.

The accused has now been charged with domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature, driving under influence, and driving under suspension.