Dubai International Airport (DIA) authorities have warned Pakistan's national airline, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), to adhere to the time slot allocated to it or risk facing fines.

"It has failed to follow the correct procedure to update slots. This is deemed as misuse of the slots. We are adopting zero tolerance to such misuse. If any further violation of this nature occurs, a fine may be imposed on the PIA," said a letter issued by the DIA reported Dawn News.

Dubai airport authorities have further warned PIA to inform it of any aircraft changes prior to the scheduled landing in Dubai.

In its defence, PIA quoted a shortage of aircrafts for the delay in its flights to Dubai and other European airports.

"Unless the PIA gets more planes, this issue will not be solved. This issue is not only related to Dubai but also to several European airports. Jeddah airport is another place where time slot issue crops up every now and then," a PIA source told Dawn News.

PIA spokesperson Mashhood Tajwar revealed to Dawn News that a reply has been sent to the Dubai airport authorities and both the failure to notify of aircraft changes and flight delays will be resolved.