A Dutch mother has travelled into the heart of the Islamic State's reign of terror in Syria, and rescued her daughter from the group's stronghold in Raqqa.

The pair have reportedly arrived back in Turkey, where they being held at the border.

The daughter, Aicha, ran away from home in February aged 18, and married Omar Yilmaz, a Dutch/Turkish Isis militant who had once served in the Dutch military.

The mother, Monique, travelled to Turkey in October, then returned recently and crossed into Syria wearing a burka to help her daughter daughter escape the country.

"Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. This is what I think is right," she told family and friends who had warned her the trip was too dangerous.

Neither the mother or daughter's surnames are being released by the Dutch media.

In a recent interview with Dutch TV, Monique said that her daughter had changed from being a normal teenager to a radical Islamist after seeing Yilmaz on TV, then communicating with him on Twitter.

Monique warned police of her daughter's plans to travel to Syria, and they seized her passport, but the teenager was able to travel with a different identification card.

Yilmaz told the BBC that Aicha had been due to marry another fighter, but he was killed in combat, and he had married her instead.

"It didn't work, we split. She went her way, I went my way," he said.

Monique travelled to Syria against the advice of Dutch police, after her daughter appealed to her to help her escape, and they arranged a rendezvous via Facebook.

It is believed that the pair are unable to return to the Netherlands right away as Monique does not have a passport, but is expect to be able to return within a week.