Geert Holland
Far-right politician Geert Wilders wants Isis supporters removed from Holland Reuters

Controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders has called for Dutch Muslims who support radical Islamic groups such as Isis (now known as the Islamic State) to be removed from the country and banned from re-entry.

"Anyone who expresses support for terror as a means to overthrow our constitutional democracy, as far as I'm concerned, should leave the country at once," the Party for Freedom (PVV) leader told parliament in The Hague.

"If you are waving an Isis flag, you are waving an exit ticket. Leave!" he added.

Wilders, who has previously been put on trial for his anti-Islamic views, said potential jihadists should not be prevented from leaving the country, as David Cameron has proposed for Britain.

"Let them leave, with as many friends and family members as possible. I will go to Schiphol [airport in Amsterdam] to wave them goodbye, if that helps. But don't let them ever come back – that is the condition. Good riddance."

"Deprive all jihadists of their passports – even if they only have a Dutch passport," he said. "Let them take an ISIS passport."

Wilders was making a parliamentary speech to celebrate the tenth anniversary since he left Holland's ruling party to create the PVV.

In the speech, he said criticism of his anti-Islam stance was harsh and that his previous warnings had been vindicated by the rise of the IS and its brutal methods.

Wilders continued his controversial statements claiming the core problem was the ideology of Islam itself, that Muslims committing atroctities are simply following instructions given to them by the Qur'an.

He read three verses of the Qur'an to the parliament, describing it as "a handbook for terrorists" and "the hunting permit for millions of Muslims".

"That book is the constitution of the Islamic State," he said. "What Isis does is what Allah commands."

Because of his outspoken views, Wilders has been under police protection since 2004 and has had a number of death threats since the founding of the PVV.

In 2010, a radical Australian Muslim cleric called for Muslims to kill Wilders and "chop off his head" for disparaging Islam.