Dyson V8 handheld vacuum
Dyson V8 has more power but is quieter than the previous V6 model Dyson

Dyson has taken the wraps off its latest handheld vacuum, the V8, doubling down on its dirt-busting power with a battery life that's twice as long, 50% quieter operation, as well as bigger capacity bin with a smarter emptying function.

Anyone who has owned or used a Dyson handheld will attest to the convenience and quality of the cordless appliance. However, even its impressive predecessor the V6, had its sticking points. This latest version has cleaned up its act with its new V8 motor offering higher suction with A 40-minute battery life (compared to 20 minutes) so you won't have to vacuum in instalments.

More power, less noise

Despite offering more power, the V8 actually runs with 50% less noise, which Dyson demonstrated to IBTimes UK and we found it to be far less whiney than previous models, allowing us to hold a conversation with it on. This was achieved through 18 months of research and development and 500,000 hours of testing.

Dyson V8 handheld vacuum
Its redesigned bin-emptying system eliminates clogging and the need to claw it out Dyson

All those man hours have been put to good use elsewhere too as other problems V6 owners will recognise, such as the dust bin filling too quickly and having to dig out the dirt with a chopstick, will be a thing of the past. The larger capacity bin (0.54 litres, up from 0.4 litres) now benefits from a cleaner emptying system where the whole bin is ejected by pushing down and pushing debris out, rather than the trapdoor opening and letting gravity do it for you. This was one of our biggest gripes of the previous machine and now it's a lot easier, not to mention cleaner.

Price and availability

A price tag of £499.99 might make some wince but, before you run for the dustpan and brush, Dyson is quick to point out how using one of its handhelds is worth the price. Through research it has conducted it claims 51% of parents say their kids are doing more cleaning with the Dyson handheld, plus reporting that 63% people now actually enjoy cleaning and 8 out of 10 men find it more appealing with a Dyson. So there you go.