Ed Miliband has been attacked over his leadership by Gordon Bank's former chief aide, Damian McBride
Ed Miliband denies Labour MPs want him to resign as Labour leader (Getty)

Labour leader Ed Miliband denied there is a crisis of confidence among his own MPs over his leadership of the party.

Miliband branded reports "nonsense" which claimed a significant minority of Labour backbenchers want him to stand down as leader.

A former minister in Miliband's ranks reportedly said: "We can't just carry on like this," to the BBC.

Speaking in Northampton, Miliband said: "This is nonsense. My focus, the Labour party's focus is on the country and the things that matter to the country.

"Honestly, this is nonsense [...] it's not the way I see."

Denying his position at the top is under question by his own side, Miliband insisted: "I don't accept that this matter arises."

Yet criticism of Miliband's leadership are mounting with the General Election campaign only six months away.

The head of the Fabian Society - a thinktank affiliated with Labour - has called Miliband a block to success for the party at the polls.

Miliband was (sort-of) defended by Ed Balls, the Shadow Chancellor, who said: "Labour will stay united."