Polling which may be as "weird" as Ed Miliband has revealed the Labour leader is seen as a lusty hunk among people who cheat on their partners.

Betraying your nearest and dearest may or may not bother Miliband, who has unwittingly found popularity with users of a website for extra-marital affairs.

The leader of the opposition is a happily married father of two, but 39% of users rated him the most popular 'lust' figure on AshleyMadison.com.

So much for his image as an awkward Wallace look-a-like, it turns out Miliband has a racy appeal.

Perhaps it's all that red? Or may be they detect a mysterious absence of principle about the man who would be prime minister.

Lagging far behind and stuck in a loveless marriage with one another were David Cameron on 29% and Nick Clegg on 14%. Meanwhile, Farage polled 6% on the 'lusty' index.

The website for cheaters polled its members to discover their appetites.

How Miliband might respond to this result is not clear. Previous polling by Buzzfeed found more than half of young voters think he is "weird".

But in bad news for the cheaters, MiIiband was also found to be most "honest" leader in the same poll.

Here's a video of Miliband being all seductive. Form an orderly queue.