Homes and blocks of flats have been left teetering on the edge of disintegrating cliffs in Pacifica, California as El Niño storms continue to cause coastal erosion. Pacifica is located 15 miles south of San Francisco, and the buildings have been at risk of collapse for years. In January 2010, cliff erosion left one of the buildings leaning over the edge of the cliff, and residents were evacuated. The El Niño weather phenomenon, characterised by a warming of the Pacific Ocean, has also battered South America. Waves of up to five metres (16 feet) tall pounded the coasts of Chile and Peru.

collapsed buildings
26 January 2016: Uninhabitable apartments, in danger of collapsing into the Pacific Ocean, line Esplanade Avenue in Pacifica, California as El Niño storm erosion eats away at the coastal bluff beneath them Reuters

In this gallery, IBTimes UK looks at buildings around the world that have been left on the edge of collapse after landslides, earthquakes, sinkholes and storms.