EDL members clashed with police in Walsall Reuters

March by the anti-Muslim English Defence League in Walsall, west Midlands, ends with clashes with police.

Police in riot gear used batons to hold back the charging protesters as missiles - including bricks and bottles - rained down on their lines.

During the confrontations, around 20 masked youths surged towards the back of police lines but more officers were quick to stop them, ensuring the two rival groups did not meet.

One man was arrested.

On Friday Police were called to keep the peace after English Defence League (EDL) demonstrators targeted Muslim worshippers outside Margate mosque, in Kent.

Pat Riot, leader of Thanet EDL, said: "Our aims are to highlight radical Islam through peaceful protests.

"It is not a case of colour but a rather small culture within Islam that radicalises people.

"We feel that honour killings, grooming of young girls, burqas or sharia law have no place in Britain."

The EDL plans another march in Norwich this November, citing a decision to ban a Christian bookstall as a reason for the demonstration.

Police confirmed they had been approached by the EDL about the protest for Saturday November 10, although a route is yet to be decided.