The Longkou city government in China, has announced that a lift fell down its shaft, from the 18th storey of a building that was under construction. The injured were taken to hospital but none survived the accident on a construction site in Shandong province.

Workplace and building safety is a continuing problem in China, despite calls for improvement in the past few years. Regulations are often ignored with numerous allegations of cost cutting made against construction companies.

A 43-year-old woman died in March after being stuck in a lift of a residential building in Xian for a month when it was closed by workers, without advance warning.

Last year, Robin Llyr Evans from Wales was killed after falling into a liftshaft when he was employed at a Wuhan tennis centre. At an inquest in Caernarfon, Evan's colleague, Emily Davies, told the court that they had been asked to go to the roof of the stadium.

"We must have taken the wrong direction and decided to try and find the exit to go back down, I heard Robin say he'd found it and then I heard a crash," she told Cambrian News.

Evans had apparently fallen down a lift shaft after a panel on top had become dislodged.

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