Ed Balls has dismissed rumours that he is set to lose his seat in Morley and Southwood, claiming that Labour have run a very good campaign in the area compared to the "desultory" one by the Conservatives and the "non-existent" one by Ukip.

The shadow chancellor faced a tough fight for his seat at the last election in 2010, where some people predicted him to lose, but ended up winning the seat by just over 1,000 votes.

With rumours swirling once again that Balls could become one of the biggest scalps of the election, he told ITN, "The votes are down here in the ballot boxes and it's only when the votes are counted that we get the result".

"We have fought a really good campaign in Morley and Southwood against a Conservative campaign which has been a bit desultory and Ukip who have been pretty non-existent. So let's wait and see what the result is," he added.

Balls also admitted to ITN that the exit poll, which has placed the Conservatives on 316 seats compared with Labour's 239, had come as a surprise to everyone and that it jarred with opinion inside the Miliband camp.