Elizabeth Raine: The American medical student selling her virginity has revealed her true identity Elizabeth-raine.com

An American medical student auctioning her virginity has revealed her identity.

The 27-year-old, who goes by the alias Elizabeth Raine, previously wanted to keep her identity anonymous but has now outed herself by revealing her face.

Speaking to the Huffington Post, she explained that her decision was not to attract higher bids: "I actually didn't like the anonymity. People mistake it for shame. Plus, there has been some speculation that I'd be outed and I wanted to do it on my own terms."

She added that she was not nervous about the outcome: "I'm very cautious and detail-oriented. I have confidence that I can execute and control it."

Elizabeth opened her auction on March 31st, which closes on May 7th. Currently, the top bid stands at $550,000. Raine promised the winner a 12-hour date, during which he will be offered her virginity - to accept or decline.

She will donate 35% of the money she received to a women's education charity working in developing countries.

Speaking previously to the Metro, Elizabeth said: "The concept does not offend me, it is a unique opportunity for excitement and growth, and I need not mention the nice financial bonus. So you see, how could I deny myself this experience only because of the diverging beliefs of others? If I did, I would just feel like a coward, and this I am not."

She added that she did not know how she would feel afterwards. "I don't know, it is all still very mysterious," she said. "What I believe I can say is how I will not feel, which is violated, degraded, or of lesser value in any which way."

Her website reads: "In case you have not yet heard what precisely this is about, I am a sensually stunning, highly educated, and charismatic American woman who has placed a 12-hour date with me atop the auction block. And did I mention I'm a virgin? Yes, that's right; I have made the bold (but not thoughtless) decision to auction off my virginity. I hope you are intrigued!"