Riko Muranaka
Both Dr Riko Muranaka (L) and film maker Trinh T Minh-ha were due to appear on the show Twitter@Riko Muranaka/Wikipedia


  • Jenni Murray began interviewing filmmaker Trinh T Minh-ha believing she was doctor Riko Muranaka
  • BBC said mistake was due to green room mix-up and other suggestions are "incorrect".

Woman's Hour presenter Jenni Murray suffered an embarrassing mix-up during a live broadcast when she confused two Asian guests who were making an appearance on the BBC radio show.

Japanese doctor Riko Muranaka and Vietnamese film maker Trinh T Minh-ha were both due to appear on Woman's Hour and be interviewed by Murray.

After giving an introduction for Muranaka, who is due to receive the John Maddox prize for her work promoting the safety of the HPV vaccine, Murray then proceeded to ask the opening question "Riko, why did you pursue this subject?"

Unfortunately the person who had sat down in the studio was filmmaker Trinh, due to have an retrospective on her career at London's Institute of Contemporary Arts.

"Which subject are you pointing to?" Trinh responsed.

"The subject of the HPV vaccine. The 20 articles that you wrote on it," Murray said before Trinh explained: "It's not me."

"I'm sorry?"

"It's not me. I guess you got the wrong speaker."

"You are Dr Riko Muranaka?...You're not Dr Riko Muranaka..."

"I'm Trinh T Minh-ha, the film-maker."

Realising the mistake, Murray then said that: "somebody has brought in the wrong person for this interview".

The BBC explained how the mix-up occurred as Trinh stood up in the green room when a member of staff had actually called Dr Muranaka's name.

A spokesman added: "Guests are brought on air quickly in live radio and mistakes can happen.

"On this occasion the wrong guest came forward when the names were called for the studio and to suggest this was a mix-up for any other reason is incorrect."