US President Donald Trump's eldest daughter and White House adviser Ivanka took to Twitter to send "love and prayers" to the people affected by the devastating Hurricane Irma that ripped through Florida over the weekend. Twitter, on the other hand, is furiously criticising her response to the deadly storm as "shallow and meaningless".

"Sending love and prayers to our brothers and sisters in #Florida #HurricaneIrma," the president's eldest daughter wrote in a tweet.

In an earlier tweet, Ivanka urged people residing in the path of Irma to read up on hurricane safety tips at the Department of Homeland Security's official website and stay informed about the storm as it tore through the Carribbean Islands and made its way towards Florida.

"Thoughts & prayers to those in the path of #HurricaneIrma," Ivanka tweeted on Friday, 8 September. "Go to for safety tips & follow @fema to stay informed!"

Twitter slammed Ivanka over her "tepid" response to the massive storm. While many urged her to do more to help victims affected by the devastating storm, others urged her to persuade the president to recommit to the Paris climate accord.

"Send help, not prayers," one Twitter user wrote.

"There is a disconnect in her that is immeasurable," another person wrote.

Ivanka has previously come under fire as well over posting a similar message about Hurricane Harvey. Critics have blasted her earlier for failing to respond to key issues that she says she stands for such as women's rights, equal pay, climate change and immigration.

Her tweets also come after last week's Care2 petition urging the World Meteorological Association to change Hurricane Irma's name to Hurricane Ivanka in an effort to force Trump and his administration to acknowledge and seriously address climate change.

"Ivanka Trump, who promised to try to influence her father on certain issues like climate change, has quietly accepted the administration's lack of action on this very serious issue," the petition read. "Ivanka Trump can say what she wants about climate change, but as long as she quietly stands back, she remains complicit in the destruction we all face at the hands of her father's administration."

The petition has drawn over 13,000 signatures so far. However, Star Trek's George Takei tweeted that it would be "wrong" to rename Hurricane Irma after her.

"After all, Irma is a powerful fast moving storm while Ivanka is weak, powerless & ineffective," Takei tweeted.

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Ivanka Trump has drawn fierce criticism over her "shallow and meaningless" response to Hurricane Irma REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst