It was all about the Grexit: 'what if Greece leaves the Euro' scenario but despite that the President of the EU Council, Herman Van Rompuy said they don't want Greece to leave.

Last night after the 6-hour summit, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel repeated those sentiments: "We want Greece to stay in the euro, but we insist that Greece sticks to commitments that it has agreed to, that the memorandum of understanding is fulfilled. We have offered to do everything to make it possible for structural funds to help Greece return to growth, as a positive message, but Greece has to fulfil its commitments."

David Cameron felt overall the meeting went well but he was standing firm on his views:

The subject of Eurobonds as a long-term, but not immediate, solution was also tackled. Van Rompuy called for them to be introduced in the near future.

Leaders will gather for another major summit at the end of June where hopefully some more concrete measures will be agreed.