Nigel Farage has warned women will be at risk of sexual assault from migrants if the UK votes to remain in the EU. The Ukip party leader said that women's safety will be at risk because of the "cultural" differences between British women and migrants, using the alleged mass sexual assaults in Cologne on New Year's Eve to back up his claims.

Farage, one of the key figures in the Leave campaign, also accused the prime minister of being a "Dishonest Dave" while accusing him of lying about the EU in order to get Britain to vote to remain on 23 June.

The comments arrive as Farage and David Cameron are due to appear together in a live ITV programme to answer questions from studio audience about the EU. During a TV debate ahead of the 2015 general election, Farage was heavily criticised for complaining that foreign patients with HIV are costing the NHS around £25,000 ($36,000) a year.

Speaking to the Sunday Telegraph, Farage said: "The nuclear bomb this time would be about Cologne."

When asked whether Britain could see a repeat of the alleged Cologne NYE sex attacks, which were reported to have been committed by a majority of North African and Arab men, Farage said: "It depends if they get EU passports. It depends if we vote for Brexit or not. It is an issue."

Farage also accused Cameron of lying about key proposals, including reducing the number of migrants from entering the UK, in order to win votes. He added: "He is 'Dishonest Dave'. The honesty and straightforwardness of the Prime Minister are now being questioned.

"David Cameron has basically said things to get votes. He won office in 2010 and 2015 by telling the British public things that he knew not to be true," Farage says. "A lot of people trusted him and believed him when he talked about getting a better deal for Britain – and frankly it was never true."