After months of campaigning, the UK takes to the polls on 23 June to vote on whether to leave or remain in the European Union. The latest surveys say the vote is on a knife-edge, with NatCen putting Remain on 53% and 47% for Leave.

These polling results mean that the undecided voters could be key in the referendum. IBTimes UK spoke to members of Young Labour and Young Independence, the youth wing of Ukip, about the upcoming vote, and asked them why UK citizens should vote either Leave or Remain.

The deputy chairperson of Young Independence, Jamie Ross McKenzie, said: "The EU is a corporatist, undemocratic dictatorship. The direction it is going in is more of a leap in the dark, less secure. If you look at the rise of the far-right, if you look at the migration crisis, if you look at Turkey joining and all the implications of that, it is a leap in the dark".

He added, "To get back our democracy and over sovereignty is priceless. [Leaving the EU] is a price worth paying".

Caroline Hill, the chairperson of Young Labour, disagrees. She said,:"We need to be in control of the decisions that are being made affecting our country moving forward. There is absolutely no benefit from us removing ourselves from the table. The EU is going to continue to make decisions that affect the British economy whether we are in it or out of it. They are going to continue to make decisions that effect the environment that we live in".

She added, "We need to be there helping to make these decisions. We can't isolate ourselves because it will continue to function without us".

Hill and McKenzie have also spoken to IBTimes UK about how a Brexit could affect the British economy, foreign relations and immigration.