Footballers at Euro 2016 have been reacting to the news that the UK has voted to leave the European Union. Britain voted for a Brexit on 23 June.

Despite the result, England striker Harry Kane said there was no concern in the national squad. The Tottenham player said, "A few of the lads talking about it, but I don't think the lads are too focus on it to be honest. I think the Euro [2016 competition] is the main thing, trying to progress and do well on that. Like I said I don't think any of us know too much about it to kind of comment on it so we just have to wait and see what happens."

For some players from other countries in the EU, the result of the referendum came as a shock. Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini said, "We went to bed convinced that the Brexit wouldn't happen and Great Britain would remain in the European Union, but unfortunately that didn't happen."

"I said, if there was a referendum tomorrow in Italy, what do you reckon would happen? I am not really convinced that Italy would have the power to refuse a European exit option, but maybe just because in a sort of misunderstanding one always seems to tend to vote for change, even without a certain programme or logic".

Germany goalkeeper Manuel Neuer was also shocked by the result. The Bayern Munich stopper said it was a "shame" that the UK voted for a Brexit.

He added, "I grew up in a time when it was normal for the European Union to stick together. I can't say anything about the political themes, but I can only say that one always had kind of a sense of unity."

The next round of Euro 2016 kicks off on 25 June. Germany take on Slovakia on 26 June, while England play Iceland, and Italy take on reigning champions Spain on 27 June.